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Kotaku Recommends Their Favorite Windows Phone Games

Kotaku has posted their 2010 Windows Phone 7 Gift Guide consisting of 10 games. Out of the 10, there are 9 Xbox Live games. The one non-Xbox Game: Krashlander which is also (by far) the cheapest at just $.99. I can also tell you I personally have an awful addiction for the game and have completed it and have been replaying the levels (yeah it’s not healthy but it’s my form of withdrawal). If you haven’t tried it yet there’s a trial mode…need I say more? 

Getting back to it, the remaining 9 are:

Carnyvale: Showtime – a physics based game that I hadn’t looked into but now have to because the video (below) looks sick

de Blob – a Puzzler that’s been getting top ratings everywhere

Glow Artisan  – a more classic puzzler with 80 puzzles

Glyder: Adventure Worlds – a flight simulator/sci-fi game that looks great

The Harvest – A true Xbox action/RPG game that MS has been showing off since day 1 and once you look at it you know why.

Max & the Magic Marker – a physics puzzle game where you need to go through the boards and draw the solution to it. It’s fast action and keeps you on your toes.

OMG (Our Manic Game) – a classic space shooter that has some clean graphics and looks simple to get the hang of but pixels are flying everywhere (in a good way)

The Revenants: Corridor of Souls: This is an action puzzler that surprises me because it had some negative reviews on other sites.

Rocket Riot : This is the action side scroller/shooter that MS was showing off when Xbox was shown off on Windows Phone. Sharp images, easy controls and lots of game play.

So check it out in full here. What are your favorite games? Need for Speed? Ilomilo? Earthworm Jim? What are you  hooked on?

Here’s the CarneyVale video: