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Mobility Digest Review: Universal Cradle for iPhone / iPod with USB Hub

Look around, you’ll find Apple devices are extremely popular and with that comes accessories for them. Today for review I’ve got a little universal cradle from our friends at USBFever. This cradle allows you to not only dock your iPod, iPad or iPhone but it has three USB ports to use as you see fit and an audio jack for headphones or external speakers.

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: USBFever

Price: $29.99

Overall Rating: 5/5


Universal Cradle for iPhone / iPod with USB Hub

If you are a fan of iPhone / iPod, you probably will have one or more iPhone / iPod.  How you can manage when you are at office or at home?  In additional, you probably will have protector, leather case… for them.

Most of the cradles in the world are supposed that you will NOT have any case so if your iPhone / iPod, you basically will not use the cradle because you need to talk off your iPhone / iPod for each Sync and / or Charge with your PC.

This cradle is come to help to remedy the situation.  It is for all of the iPhone / iPods (see compatibility below) and most important, it is made for those iPhone / iPod to connect with your PC while they are STILL wearing their cases.

In additions, you it is a 3 port USB Hub too!

– Make your iPhone / iPods on stage and never get lost under your documents / Stuff on desk
– Sync and Charging your iPhone / iPod from your computer
– As an audio out for your iPhone / iPod
– As a USB Hub

What’s in the Box?

This little dock just comes in a plain white box and inside is a plastic bag.


Inside the plastic bag you’ll find the dock in two parts and a USB cable.


The dock is fairly simple really, just a dock connector on the top and an LED along with a USB port. It’s plastic yes, but that’s to be expected, and it seems well made.


On the bottom you’ll see four rubber feet and the identification label.


On the back edge you’ll find two more USB ports, a mini-USB connection for the cable and an audio jack.


The second part of the dock just clips into place and can slide back and forth for fit and stability.



Impressions / Review:

The single LED is blue and it’s very bright.


I used the dock with my iPod Touch and with my iPod nano 5th gen. While your iPod is in the dock it can charge and even play, at least with the iPod Touch it can. I don’t have an iPad but you can use it with the cradle, but carefully though as the dock is small and the iPad is much larger.


You can hook up external speakers or even headphones to the dock to still listen to music or watch a movie or play a game while it’s charging. Not sure about watching a movie though since the iPod will be vertical in the dock.




So it’s a dock or cradle for you iPhone, iPod or even iPad, but it’s much more than that. This little dock has a built-in USB hub and even an audio port so you can listen to music while your iPod charges.

For $30 it’s not bad I think, I really can’t find anything wrong with it; it works exactly as it should.


+Small, lightweight
+Can attach external audio speakers or headphones
+Works with many iPods
+Works as USB hub


-None really