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Lab4Apps Helps you Find your Lost Kindle

Well let me clarify that title up there, it will help you find your lost Kindle Fire. The app is called aptly named Locate My Kindle and that’s what it does, it helps you find your lost Kindle Fire. I had a chance to pick up one of these for $150 shipped, and I should have I think, oh well.. Anyway the app is priced at 99 cents, so for that price I think it’s well worth it to help you find your missing Kindle Fire don’t you?

More than 6 million Kindle Fire owners may now track down their missing Kindle if it ever gets lost, stolen or misplaced. “Locate my Kindle” brings much needed location services to the Amazon Kindle platform and is now available worldwide. The revolutionary service is powered by Lab4Apps, a start up company located in Gibraltar and North Carolina, USA.

Applications requiring location based services are not currently possible out of the box on the Kindle platform. Lab4Apps has found an ingenious work around to make this possible whilst still adhering to Amazon’s guidelines, terms and conditions. Locate My Kindle is the first application for the Kindle Fire that solves location based application limitations for everyone.

At a special launch price of only 99 cents, the App will allow Kindle Fire owners to locate their Kindle Fire instantly if its ever lost or stolen, using state of the art Wi-Fi triangulation. Once downloaded, the owner is asked to provide only an email address and a password to setup their account on The website can be accessed from any internet browser to locate their Kindle Fire’s whereabouts immediately.

Kindle owners of all ages will be able to find their missing Kindle effortlessly. The App requires no technical knowledge and seamlessly enables and connects to the internet automatically. Ensuring that the service can retrieve the Kindle’s location when requested by the owner.

Should your Kindle fall into the wrong hands, Locate My Kindle’s remarkable tamper-proof technology relentlessly protects your device. By preventing any unauthorized attempts to remove the software, it remains fully functional and able to report your Kindle’s location when you need it most.

This groundbreaking app can also display the Kindle’s previous locations on an interactive Google map showing the date, time, latitude and longitude as well as the address of the location.

Not only is Locate My Kindle the first and currently only application for the Kindle Fire to provide accurate location information, it also brings peace of mind to forgetful Kindle owners everywhere.

You never have to worry about misplacing your Kindle ever again with Locate My Kindle installed.