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More WP7 Apps – HSN, Solidarity and Crotune Apps

I keep seeing WP7 apps everywhere and they keep impressing me. This time we have a Home Shopping Network app (don’t knock it until you look at it), an app to help with charity and an app to help with navigating a town as a tourist. Let’s do the HSN app first. Not because I shop HSN but take a look at this thing in action. One of the things MS is so proud of is the ability to move content into Silverlight in real time, like they did with the Olympics and you get that sense here as well with new content being pushed to the app:

This preview is from IQ Interactive and appears that HSN is paying them to make this app.

Let’s look at the Crotune app next. It’s a Croation tourist app. Again, the point is to look at what’s going on out there in terms of user experience and implementation. Looks like a very well put together app and I’m sure if you were going on vacation this would be a great resource. The official website for the dev is

Now let’s move to a unique one. This is an app that aims to make people aware of how bad the issue of world poverty is and provide a way to assist people in picking ‘good’ charities. There’s a lot of integration here too, like the ability to share charities with Facebook and Twitter or even save it as an Adobe for later use. More information about the authority is located here. The app starts at 5:30 by the way.

I think all of these apps show off the aesthetics that we should expect with WP7…and I like it. I like it a lot.