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Larry Birds Basket Pro Brings Real Time Mulitplayer Action Over WiFi To WP7

We may have something interesting here in the form of real time multiplayer action. It’s WiFi only, so you’re still local, but for Windows Phones real time multiple-player (and not turn based) is a rarity. Here’s the description:

Exclusive for Windows Phone 7 The first and only Olympic basketball game. Fight with the best teams in the world for Olympic gold medal.


features: * Enjoy playing basketball games, using the new technique "Draw-Slide" by drawing the path of the players on the screen, as a coach on the game board. * Excellent ball physics in the shooting. * Quick Game * Training * Unlimited number of Olympic championships * Gallery of medals. … and more Enjoy the game now.

It’s $1 with a free trial and has no reviews yet as it just went live but if you give it a go tell us what you learn.