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Leather Postcard Pouch For iPhone 4 from Brando

Brando is certainly known for their rather offbeat products and I think this one falls squarely into that category. It’s a case for your iPhone 4, or any iPhone actually, but it looks like a postcard or a letter actually. It’s leather and well it’s shaped like a letter, it even has the triangular flap on the back for sealing or closing the case. Not sure why someone would want something like this, but hey, to each his own…

Leather Postcard Pouch is dressed up in signature colors and playful designs-exclusively for iPhone 4 / iPod Touch / smart mobile. So pull your smart mobile out of your bag. Load your favorite app, and take a moment to stop and enjoy the party.
Features :
– Inner Size: 110mm x 70mm
Colors :
– Brown
– White
Model :
– iPhone 2G
– iPhone 3G
– iPhone 3G S
– iPhone 4
– iPod Touch 2G
– iPod Touch 3G
– iPod Touch 4G

Product page: