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Just Let Nokia Deal with Windows Phone

Nokia’s survival depends on turning Windows Phone into a greater success.

Microsoft’s does not.

Nokia has demonstrated they can make a top shelf Lumia, quality WP software and they’re happy to go on aggressive campaigns to recruit the likes of Instagram to shovel their software to Windows Phone. Nokia also has had a somewhat recent history of selling more phones than anyone else. Nokia appears to be the best thing that’s happened to Windows Phone. Nokia accounts for about eighty percent of all Windows Phones, and rising. Samsung and HTC have shown disinterest.

Might it be in the platform’s interest for Microsoft to divest and hand over the reins to Nokia?

Nokia’s vulnerable, but they’ve got $25 billion in current assets, $37b total. Microsoft could probably squeeze a pretty sweet deal out of them, shake ‘em down real good, and they might want to move now before Nokia effectively hedges their bets with ventures like Asha and before their ally Elop goes into early retirement.