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Let Verizon Collect Your Anonymous Data And Earn “Smart Rewards”

If you have been living your life under the impression that your data is not in some way being collected (hopefully anonymously) by data carriers then you must be in a peaceful bliss in fantasy land. We all know they are doing it to some capacity. To make the user experience better, to bring you better and more targeted ads, you get the picture. Verizon is now launching a few new programs and the first of which is called “Smart Rewards”. This program offers credit card type perks by doing things like signing into the Verizon website, paying your bill online, and trading in your old device in their trade in program.  Sounds pretty cool right? Well, not so fast because Verizon is going to make you opt into their Verizon Selects program that is going to collect your location data, website information and mobile app usage for marketing purposes. There you have it. The data is going to be used in Verizon’s "Precision Market Insights" business that will take all the information collect from the above sources and sell it to marketers.

So there you have it. The first admission of collecting your data and then making it better by paying you for it if you give them permission (chuckle) to use it. Of course Verizon states that they scrub down the data and make sure that it is “anonymized before it’s shared with third parties”. So here is a question for you, would you sign up for this program and get compensated for the data Verizon is profiting on?

For more information head on over to Verizon Selects Program for more information.

Thanks Marti!