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Leviton Launches New Mobile Device Station

Hmm… who knew Leviton was into accessories, I didn’t that for sure. Their new Mobile Device Station is is basically just a cover for your standard dual outlet that extends it  out and has a clip for holding your device and wrapping the cable up neatly. It’s a neat idea I guess but I think it would be better paired with a new outlet that’s equipped with USB ports! That would work much better I think.

Leviton today announced the launch of the Mobile Device Station. The new product is a convenient wall-mounted cradle that provides storage for mobile devices and their charging cables.

The innovative Mobile Device Station easily attaches to a single-gang electrical box or low voltage mud-ring without requiring a double-gang box or any new holes in the wall. To install, simply screw the Mobile Device Station onto a Leviton dual-gang wallplate and install it in place of the existing single-gang wallplate.

The Mobile Device Station provides a safe and convenient place for storing a phone or portable music player while it is charging. The Mobile Device Station can also be installed next to a Leviton local source input, making it easy to use a smartphone or portable music player for multi-room home audio. The station also features integrated cable management to keep cables organized and protected.

The Mobile Device Station is offered in white, black, and light almond, and is available for both Leviton’s Decora and Renu brand wallplate styles. It fits most mobile phones, including the iPhone and many Android phones.

The Mobile Device Station is available now at