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LG Ally Android Device Gets Compared

If you are in the market for a Android Device and don’t really want to go the HTC Incredible or Motorola Droid route, then maybe the LG Ally from Verizon is for you. To help you check out the differences between the LG Ally and some other popular Android Devices, Wirefly has posted three side by side comparisons that will help you make up your mind. Check it out:

LG Ally vs. DROID Incredible by HTC

LG Ally vs. Motorola DROID

LG Ally vs. Motorola DEVOUR

The LG Ally, which is coming to Verizon as well as, will come with the Android 2.1 Operating System, 3.2” Touch Screen (480×800), 3.2 mega pixel camera with flash and autofocus, 600 MHz processor, and RAM: 256MB; ROM: 512MB. All that along with a slide out keyboard makes this a pretty decent little device. Not the same as the Droid or Incredible, but still pretty solid for someone still wanting to break into the Android World. So head on over to Wirefly for all the side by side goodness to help you make up your mind if this is the right Android device for you.

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