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Looking For A Good Time? Grab Your Droid

I know the Android app store is open but this one is something worth sharing just for the ‘OMG factor’ in releasing this app. A portion of their press release is below. My favorite part is at the end when they talk about SSL encryption, etc…a subtle reminder that protection is important:) By the way, the app is free…but no, it doesn’t come with penicillin. Anything in brackets is my commentary:)

PPX to-go Now Available in the Android Market

The Ultimate Application that Points You to Passion, Anywhere, Anytime

PPX to-go™, the brand new patent pending mobile application that allows users to filter, prioritize, schedule and directly interact with people and sensual resources, is now live in the Android Market

PPX to-go™ is geared toward the online adult dating community, helping users find the right someone for potential hook-ups and ultimate fantasies in their area – wherever they happen to be at the moment. It also directs users to stores, restaurants, bars, theaters, adult clubs, and other venues that support the quest for passion and adventure. [the use of the word ‘quest’ certainly makes this seem like an epic adventure]

PPX to-go™ was developed by PinpointsX®, a pioneering location-aware social networking platform that provides direct access to all erotic resources around the user, along with a real-time, personalized and interactive "Passion Map" of the user’s current location. Whether browsing or actively using the PPX to-go™ application, each user is primed to appreciate one-touch dating options. [‘one touch dating’ – What is that?]

PPX to-go™ ensures its members’ privacy and security by providing:

– Preapproved interactions ONLY – Zero interactions without prior consent

– Blocking mechanism – Block undesired people

– “Stay hidden” mode – See others without being seen [Doesn’t that also mean be seen without seeing others?]

– Mobile Messaging – Secured data communication when chatting, Zero SMS usage; Phone numbers are never classified [this is the app Tiger Woods dreamed of]

– Preference-based mapping and filtering – The map will only display your preferred hook-ups [it’s like notches on a bed post…but on your phone]

– SSL (encryption) protection [gonna need more than SSL protection if you’re using the app right]

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