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Lumia 710 doing modestly well on T-Mobile

Microsoft makes AT&T a “premier partner.”  Microsoft partners with Nokia to create a new line of Windows Phones.  So AT&T gets the first new Nokia Windows Phones in the US?  No.  T-Mobile does.  And it’s doing remarkably well.

It came out at a $50 price point, and is now free with service contract. That certainly can’t hurt. 

T-Mobile spokeswoman Cara Walker calls it “consistently … among the most popular phones in the T-Mobile lineup.”  So how consistent is it?  Without numbers published, it seems to rank in the top 5 phones sold on the carrier from T-Mobile’s site,, and Wirefly.  Looking at, I count 30 devices (and color variants) when you select “smartphones.”  And what has the first spot?  The Lumia 710.

T-Mobile has less than a month before the new Nokia devices hit AT&T, which may cut into their sales of WP devices, but it’s nice to know that Nokia and WP seem to be doing well for T-Mobile; hopefully that means good things for Nokia and WP on all carriers. 

I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold out for Apollo at this rate.