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Lumia 900 lighting up the best of lists

CES 2012, come and gone, and the resulting memories of the event are leaving the tech journalists summarizing the

four day Vegas monster exhibit.  Among the lists out there, it seems like the Lumia is up front and center.  CNet, ZD-Net, etc.  The Daily Beast is calling the Lumia 900 the bane of

the iPhone (maybe a bit of hyperbole, but Dan Lyons really, really loves the Lumia 800,  and thinks the 900 he played with is the bees knees) and exactly what Microkia needs to survive.

Despite the multi-core, ultra-thin, super-specced, and feature-loaded phones that populated the showroom floor, it seems like an overwhelming amount of praise is being lavished upon a device with fairly modest specs (In the face of the 16mp Titan II camera, despite knowledge that it’s the sensor, stupid, not the pixels) on a platform that is both gasping for breath and trying to evolve lungs as it drags itself out of the murky waters of obscurity.

Will the Lumia light up the US sales charts?  Although WebOS was similarly loved by the press and by its users, HP simply doesn’t have the advertising knuckle and pure determination of Microsoft and Nokia once their vision has become myopic and goal-focused.

All I know is this:  I’m getting one.