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Making Gmail labels work for you

For those of us who receive a ton of email every day, Gmail’s labels are a savior. If it wasn’t for this wonderful technology, my inbox would be one large unmanageable mess! Once you’ve adapted the ideology of using labels, you’ll find managing your email to be less of a chore and more of a management tool.

After you’ve created your labels and setup filters to have yourmail populated accordingly, it will look something like this.

You’ll notice I created my labels and filters based on the most important categories to me. The idea behind this is to have all things related to any particular subject grouped in one place where I can search through them as I please. The second really important part is to have them removed from the main inbox. This really helps to get rid of the clog, and I can focus on the one off emails that I receive.

So how does this carry over to our devices? Well, effortlessly! After you’ve added your Gmail account to the phone, you’ll need to go to MENU then TOOLS, and you’ll have two important options. The first option is “manage folders,” and the second is “update folders.”

Let’s start with “manage folders.” When you select this option you’ll be taken to the screen where you can select the available labels/folders that you’ve created earlier.

From here, it’s as simple as checking off the labels you would like to make available on your device. Once you’ve completed that, hit “ok” and you’ll be back to your inbox. Now you can have a look see at your new and improved inbox by tapping the “inbox” icon at the top right in pocket outlook. You’ll see a drop down menu appear, showing your beautiful labels and all their glory!

But before you go off to label bliss, there is one more thing. Remember the “update folders” option? Any labels you create after you’ve done this process will not show automatically, so you’ll need to select “update folders” in order to see them in the selection list.

What if you do not use Gmail? No worries, Hotmail and yahoo support these features as well. It’s just part of what makes IMAP so wonderful. So take a few minutes to organize your email and let windows mobile take it from there!