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News for 10-14-10

Hello all.. Questions for you? Do you care about the news from other sites? Do you still want to see the news posted? Does it bother you to see us posting news from other sites? Do you read it? Do you get something out of it? Is it worth it?

We do it just to be friendly and to also let you see what else is going on around the world thinking that maybe you’ll see something interesting and stop to read it.


Storage Related:

MUKii TransImp USB 3.0 PCIe Controller Card @ Pro-Clockers

Review link:

However, that leaves some of you asking two very reasonable questions: If you already have a fast and reliable computer why would anyone want to buy a new motherboard for just those features? And second who really wants to reconfigure a perfectly working system just to add USB 3.0 and SATA III support? By simply adding in a controller to one of your empty and hardly used PCIe x1 slots, you are able to gain just what that new motherboard offers, but at a fraction of the price. As it just so happens to be, our new friends at MUKii have shipped us a solution to rectify the issue, or at least the USB3 issue. The TransImp USB 3.0 PCIe card gives you the 5 Gb/s transfer speed of USB 3.0, as well as 5 volts to supply your favorite USB-powered devices.


ineo Technology I-NA214U Plus USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Module
QUOTE: "When I saw the External Module, I was a little perplexed, too. Is this some new mystery category of product never seen before, I thought? – In reality, ineo, a California based company, took two popular ideas, put them together and made everything as simple as possible.
Today we are going to look at a fairly unique product that matches portable storage with what I can only refer to as a purse for your 2.5” HDD. Don’t let the description fool you, the iPile series I-NA214U is very useful and may even turn into a ‘must have’ tool for easy desktop access to storage drives."


Hardware Bistro has just posted latest review on Super Talent Express Drive 3.0. Quote: "Today we have a chance to review a USB flash drive from Super Talent with latest USB technology; USB 3.0 which was released in year 2008. Of course the fanciest feature of USB 3.0 is the speed; 4.8 Gbps which is 10x faster than the USB 2.0 in theoretically. Without further delay, let’s go through this device in-depth and see whether it is a right moment switching to USB 3.0 devices."

Read More:



G.Skill Phoenix Pro 40GB Solid State Drive Review @

Review URL:

Quote: “Solid State drives are still quite expensive for most people, especially at higher capacities. The price most manufactures are shooting for is $100. This is really had to do especially with SandForce drives. Today we will be taking a look at a 40GB drive from G.Skill, which is really close to that price-point at $119.99 at my favorite online retailer. This drive is designed to get solid state drives in the hands of consumers and to also offer great performance. The 40GB size is still more than enough room for a boot drive and is the perfect size for a netbook! Let’s take a look and see jus t how much performance you are getting for that low price!"


Patriot Xporter Rage 32GB USB Flash drive:
English link:
Swedish link:

Quote:  Today we will take a look at Patriot’s new 32GB USB flash drive called Patriot Rage. Rage is high performance drive with capacity up to 256GB. Let’s take a closer look how it performs in our tests.


G.Skill Trident 12GB DDR3 1600 CL7 Memory Review on Technic3D


Translation Link:
Quote: "The G.Skill Trident 12GB DDR3 1600 CL7 Memory-Kit arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the OCZ Platinum and Corsair GT Memory Kits on Windows 64 Bit and the Gigabyte X58 Extreme Mainboard. You can see 1.600MHz (1,65V) with 7-8-7-24 (1T) and more in the following Review."


Kingston SSDNow V+ 128GB SSD Review @
DESCRIPTION: With prices slowly dropping on SSDs, never has there been a better time to invest in a rapid storage device for your windows boot drive. Being lower in capacity compared to the traditional hard drive has meant that many abstain from investing in 30-60GB for their boot drive which is understandable. But since 100GB+ is now available at a much more affordable price, there is a keen attraction to making the move.





Audio / Video:

Sony Internet TV: Hands on impressions of Sony’s Google TV
"Sony literally took the wraps off of the first HDTVs featuring Google TV on Tuesday. And by literally, we mean Sony execs took a cloth off a 46-inch Internet TV to show it to the assembled press in Manhattan."
Link to the article:


Sunrise AS-Charm Earbuds


Brief:Sunrise audio, a relative newcomer on the headphone scene just released some neat earbuds. Today we take a look at their high end offering namely the AS-Charm earbuds. They retail at around $80 which promises excellent price/ performance ratio.


Quick Review: Plextor PX-B120U External Blu-ray Reader
QUOTE: "Ahh, the humble ROM drive. Really, it’s probably one of the lesser items that don’t get the same attention as some other components in the system, but it’s also one of the more important components. Today we’re looking at an external one from Plextor and we’ve got to say, external ones are playing a bit more importance these days due to the fact that we’re seeing so many laptops and netbooks with no ROM drive at all.
Checking out the drive itself, it’s got to be said that this is a very good looking external drive. With aesthetics being so important to people these days it’s nice to see that Plextor has gone to the effort to make the PX-B120U look good on your desk. Across the top we’ve got this really nice design which is a similar pattern to throwing a rock into still water."


Canon PowerShot G12 Review
"Ferraris get updated every few years. And so do Canon’s "G" series point-and-shoot cameras. Last year we tested the G11 and liked it a lot, but it still had some drawbacks, notably the lack of high-def video recording. The company rectified that problem with the new 10-megapixel G12, and even added a few tweaks that’ll please many shutterbugs. Let’s see what they are, and if the G12 is worth nearly 500 clams."
Link to the review:



Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound P531 USB Headset
Quote:  The sound quality from games using the Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound P531 USB headset was an improvement over the stereo headsets I was using before. The bass was more pronounced, but didn’t rise to the level one would expect from traditional 5.1 speakers. Also, there were sounds from all around, but I was unable to tell where they were coming from other than


In-Depth Guide to Installing SageTV V7
DESCRIPTION: If you are new to SageTV getting it installed and everything like ISO playback and HD audio/video playback working can be bit of a challenge; so when I needed to do a V7 install a few days ago I decided to document the process to hopefully make it easier for everyone to get the server up and running.  Please note that this guide should be considered a living document.     


Samsung EX1 Review at Overclockers Online
Quote: The Samsung EX1 has definitely made quite the entrance into the prosumer camera market. With an extremely bright lens, solid build quality, and image quality to boot, the EX1 is definitely a good choice for a professional looking for a compact, and easy to use DSLR replacement. There are no compromises with the number of features that a DSLR user expects in a camera, and can produce quality images that are usable in RAW format.




Mobile Related:

Lenovo N5901 Review
"Much like Logitech’s diNovo Mini, Lenovo’s multimedia remote with keyboard attempts to consolidate the unwieldy keyboard and mouse you use at a desktop computer into a single, handheld unit fit for the couch. While it makes clever use of a trackball and costs less than half as much as the diNovo, flaky wireless performance and a lack of backlighting make the more expensive controller look worth the money."
Link to the review:


Evercool Booster Cool Wrist Pad

Review  Link :

Quote : "Do you get sweaty hands after long hours of sitting in front of your computer or do you have to wipe you hands often to keep your mouse from drenching? Well, there is a product that can help you. The Evercool Booster Cool Wrist Pad acts as a wrist pad and has two fans to keep your hand cool so you don’t perspire."


ASUS launches premium NX90 mirror-like multimedia notebook @


Quote: At the start of the year, Asus gave us all an inkling on the NX90 multimedia notebook, and with the build up to Christmas, it would only seem logical to release some more information on it including it’s features, it’s design and its astonishing price point.
Asus dub the NX90 as a work of art, and rightly so, as the leading manufacturer have teamed up with multimedia specialist Bang & Olufsen.


Cooler Master Choiix Power Fort USB Battery Pack Review @ Legit Reviews
Article URL:

"The bundle we received was for item C-2010-K1A0 which is the Black, Advanced retail version. The Power Fort is available as white normal/advanced, or black normal/advanced. The difference between the normal and advanced versions is the car and wall power adapters. The normal versions come with just the two USB cables and suede pouch, whereas the advanced have the car adapter and US/EU/AU/UK wall adapters…"



Dell Streak: Both Tablet and Phone @ InsideHW

This isn’t a device to go on strolls with, except when taking a handsfree device along as well; business applications aren’t particularly well-groomed here, so business users are out of the picture as well; its greatest advantage – a large display – and all those applications which did get that extra touch all revolve around multimedia.
Article link:


Samsung Epic 4G Android Smartphone Review:

The most popular and powerful Android phones currently available are quite possibly members of the Samsung Galaxy S line. Powered by Samsung’s very own 1GHz Cortex A8-based Hummingbird processor and featuring a four-inch Super-AMOLED (active matrix organic light-emitting diode) capacitive touchscreen with a 480×800 resolution, it’s no wonder that Samsung has already sold over 5 million Galaxy S-branded phones. The latest member of the Galaxy S family is the Samsung Epic 4G Android Smartphone, which adds two unique features that the other Galaxy S handsets lack: a slide-out keyboard and 4G capabilities. We take a detailed look at the Samsung Epic 4G here…


Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Notebook Review

For mobile computer users that want a small and lightweight system, there are usually only two options: an underpowered netbook or a pricey ultraportable. Netbooks offer great battery life and portability but are usually limited to light tasks like word processing, checking e-mail, chatting online and watching standard definition video content. Meanwhile, ultraportables are pricier, but are small enough for daily travel and pack more power than netbooks.


MSI GT660R-004US 16-inch Gaming Notebook
QUOTE: "MSI has been big on netbooks and notebooks for a while now. Over the last several months the company has been launching new machines that are aimed at gamers and multimedia enthusiasts that have some really nice and cool features. Today I have one of the latest machines from MSI on my bench for some hands on time called the MSI GT660R-004US.
When it comes to gaming notebooks, there are the all out, fully loaded gaming rigs that have the best of everything crammed inside and have a gigantic price to match the performance. The MSI GT660R-004US I am playing with today isn’t one of those fully loaded and crazy expensive machines. The MSI GT660R-004US is a reasonably priced gaming machine with reasonably powerful hardware that will play any game out there with the settings tweaked a bit. If you are in the market for a new gaming notebook and don’t have the budget for the newest and most powerful hardware, the MSI GT660R-004US might be the compromise for you."




Assorted Stuffs:


Western Digital Livewire Powerline Networking Kit reviewed in

"Western Digital has now released a product based on the HomePlug AV specification – WD Livewire. The idea
here is to move the data stream to flow inside the live powerlines within the walls."
Article link:


Sitecom Wireless Network Dualband 300N Gaming Adapter II WL-329 GM

The Wireless Network Dual Band 300N Gaming Adapter II from Sitecom is a product with decent performances and comes with a detailed software application that shows us details regarding the live wireless connection. Besides the normal configuration, we can also modify the WMM and WPS configurations.


RFID Hacking: Is It A Threat? @ TechwareLabs

Quote: RFID chips are finding their way into our everyday lives. From inventory tracking to paying tolls and security authentication, you’ve no doubt had an encounter with them, but are they a security threat? Join us as we expose some of the flaws in this technology that is in your wallet right now.


Pro Football Pick ‘Em Week 6 – Win a Tt eSPORTS Black Mouse and Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard
Quote:  Are you ready for some football?  The Pro Football Pick ‘Em contest for NFL week six has a Tt eSPORTS Black mouse and a Tt eSPORTS Challenger Pro gaming keyboard up for grabs.


NETGEAR ProSafe GS110TP POE (Power over Ethernet) 8-Port Smart Switch
QUOTE: "Over the last year or so we have shown you pieces of networking hardware that normally reside in the realm of the enterprise network; items like 24 port rack mounted switches, smart switches and of course Power over Ethernet devices. With each of these we have talked about the technology behind them and how this technology is slowly working its way into the home network environment.
Today we have another of these devices. This time it is a much smaller product, but no less advanced. It is the NETGEAR GS110TP 8-port POE Gigabit ProSafe Switch. This device has a full 8 ports that can supply up to a total of 46 Watts nominal power. But the GS110TP is more than just a power source; it is also a layer 2 managed switch with a very functional webUI for management and configuration. You can also setup and manage some very advanced switching and QoS (Quality of Service) options for VoIP (Voice over IP) data and much more. You also get the option to connect the GS110TP to a fiber backbone by using one of two SFP ports (fiber modules are extra)."


Facebook Unveils New Security Measures @


Quote: Facebook today has unveiled new measures in order to keep its members more secure when they log into its site.
A number of new features are being introduced as part of these new measures. Firstly members will be required to update their security details on a regular basis, this will be given as a reminder to users by means of a prompt when they log on. Secondly they will be able to remotely log themselves out of another location if they have forgotten to do so already. Finally and most importantly is the introduction of temporary passwords. Such passwords on request by the user will allow them to log on without using their normally registered password. This password is issued on a single use basis and will expire after a period of 20 minutes after which they can request another password. Their registered password will still continue to work during this time.


ASRock Vision 3D Mini PC Review @
"Today ASRock are back with their latest mini-PC, the Vision 3D. Based on Intel’s H55 chipset and NVIDIA’s Fermi based GT425M graphics this model gives consumers a simple way to add a Blu-Ray 3D based HTPC to their home cinema. Today we put that system through a selection of real world tests including Blu-Ray 3D playback, media encoding and gaming to establish if this system offers more than just 3D capability."


Using SyncBack to Synchronize Your Windows Folders @ Techgage


Quote: Keeping data backed up or synchronized in Windows isn’t always the most self-explanatory of processes, and it’s because the OS doesn’t make it easy to do either of them. Fortunately, there’s a solution that happens to be free, feature-rich and most importantly, reliable. It’s called SyncBack, and deserves to be in your virtual toolbox.


‘How to: Convert PDF files to ePub for iBook’
Have PDFs? Here’s how you can properly read them on your iPhone/iPad.
The Full Article can be viewed at


‘Windows Phone 7 you say?’
Will Windows Phone 7 succeed or fail?
The Full Article can be viewed at




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