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Mango Ripe For The Picking in time for BUILD?


New rumor suggests that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 update, codenamed Mango, will be released on September 15th.  In case you weren’t aware there is an event being held by HTC and everything points to Windows Phone Mango devices being announced.

Another point to consider is an exposed customer service chat HTC had where a September release of the update was scheduled.  All things considered its looking like everyone will definitely have their Mango fill by the holidays.  With the iPhone set to debut on all carriers in the coming months and Ice Cream Sandwich ready to showcase itself on the latest and greatest hardware Android OEMs can slap it on it’s a good sign that Microsoft is getting their anticipated Mango update out in the wild before all this happens.

To make it clear, Microsoft can not afford to be late to the party.  Release at the same time as the iPhone and they are dead in the water.  Nobody will pay attention to Microsoft no matter how good Mango is.  Not to mention you’re bound to see gangs of the latest and greatest Android phones being given away for free when Ice Cream Sandwich hits.


Will BUILD produce a winner for Microsoft on both the tablet, desktop and phone screens at the same time?  Is fall 2011 the start of a beautiful 2012 for Microsoft? Lets hope at least the phone crowd has reason to rejoice.

Source: WeLoveWP