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Math QuizUp Out Now for iOS for Free

Told ya it was a gaming kind of day, got another launch for you, this one is a freebie! The game is called Math QuizUp and it aims to help you with math as you might have expected. I’ve always been able to do most math problems in my head and people can’t figure out how I do it, I just do it, I don’t know how I do it, I just can. From what I’ve seen with my kids in school they seem to rely too much on technology and papers and pencils etc, and not doing it in your head. My physics teacher had a saying: “Why use brains when you have batteries?”  I never agreed with that, you don’t learn using a calculator to solve problems, you’re given the answer and to me it’s cheating. My kids can’t grasp that concept, they want to use a calculator and I don’t let them. They can use it too check their work sure, but not actually do it. I think this would be  great game for kids and even most adults to learn to do math in their heads. Check it out, it’s free, here’s some screenshots for you and the full PR:




Plain Vanilla, developers of the QuizUp mobile platform, today announced the launch of Math QuizUp. The mobile app, available on iOS devices, is the perfect tool for students or adults who want to hone up on their mental math. With questions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, Math QuizUp challenges players to speedily answer basic mathematical equations in order to move up in ranks and be crowned the top mathlete for their country. Math QuizUp will be coming soon to Android devices.
Math QuizUp lets players compete in real time against people around the world. Each game consists of two players going head to head for a total of ten rounds. The faster players answer each question correctly, the more points they win.
QuizUp is a first of its kind real time social trivia platform developed by Plain Vanilla. With QuizUp, Plain Vanilla can produce customized and high quality apps where users compete against each other around the world, and on any mobile device. Math QuizUp joins the official Twilight Saga QuizUp, Batman QuizUp and Eurovision QuizUp in Plain Vanilla’s collection of apps, with additional categories coming soon.
Download Math QuizUp here.

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