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MeeMojo Announces Alloy Armor Case for the New iPad

Not sure if I would call this thing a case as it’s more of a work of art I think. If I had the new iPad and of course had an extra $330 floating around I’d have to have one of these cases from MeeMojo. These things are just gorgeous and I’m sure they’d totally protect your iPad. Just a note that $330 price is a special deal as it’s $260 off the regular price, so if you want one get it now before the deal is over…

MeeMojo announced the release of their Billet Aluminum iPad 2 cases back in December of 2011. The cases have since received great praise from clients. These cases go along with their line of highly popular Billet Aluminum iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s cases. The aim of the MeeMojo line of cases is to provide style and protection with attitude.

Each case is crafted to achieve the utmost in quality and protection while still providing the supreme functionality of the iPad. With 30 years of aerospace machining behind them, MeeMojo designers and engineers utilize machining techniques to create a lightweight yet strong design.

All MeeMojo cases are CNC machined from billet aluminum then hard plated to ensure the highest level of durability. The edges are precision machined polymer and designed to conform to the contours of the iPad ensuring a precise fit. This feature makes the MeeMojo case unique in the sense that it provides innate drop resistant qualities while still allowing completely unimpeded antenna reception. An ergonomically sculpted back plate utilizing machined pockets for the convenience of carrying the iPad securely – greatly minimizes the chance of it accidentally slipping from your hands.

Another key feature of the MeeMojo case is the concealed “Kick Stand” that will orient the iPad at an 80° and 12° operating position. The 80° position makes it ideal for watching video as well as video conferencing, while the 12° position has been designed for desktop typing and viewing.

MeeMojo billet aluminum iPad cases are available in three distinct colors Bright Natural, Black Onyx and Gunmetal. The cases can be viewed and purchased at