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Meet Mobility Digest’s New Editor-in-Chief Ramon Trotman

It has been a long time coming. A needed change. I’m not going to beat around the bush, no sob stories, or reminiscing about the days of old. It’s time for a change. A change for the better. Yesterday I let the team know that I have resigned as Editor-in-Chief of Mobility Digest. They were devastated of course. There were tears and sadness. It didn’t last long after I named my successor however! (some friends huh? LOL) I suspect that many of you will be quite pleased with my decision as well.

Mobility Digest is pleased to name Ramon Trotman as Editor-in-Chief of Mobility Digest and responsible for the creative content and direction of the website. Ramon is no question well qualified for the job and is among the legends of the XDA Super Heroes. Ramon has been very busy developing his own high energy blog named Lifestyles Defined and in less than two years he has totaled 6700 articles! AMAZING! Ramon is also Sr. Systems Engineer, owner of a clothing line, and runs a brand establishment business. You guys still crying over as shlub like me leaving now?

It’s really a no brainer and Mobility Digest is going to soar under his direction. I for one will be very excited to see the changes he brings and the freshness of his creativity. Well, that’s enough blowing sunshine up his ass. Not that he needs anymore. LOL

So with this change, I will be helping out as much as possible with this transition and stepping back to watch how MD will benefit from what I hope is the best decision I ever made. Another plus for me is that I will remain as a writer. No longer bound by political correctness or admin work load, I can concentrate again on using mobility and writing about what I discover.

There are big changes coming and a vibe you won’t believe. So hang tight, tell your friends, and  lock up your daughters because there is a new Sheriff in town, and his name is Uncle RZA.