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Meijer – Making Shopping easier for the guys!

Guys have any of this happened to you when you have gone to the store?

Parked on the wrong side of the building not knowing where everything is?

Gone to the store just for beer but then remembered that you had to get something else?

Get a list from the significant other where it takes them 5 minutes but takes you 30 minutes going up an down the aisles?

Well Meijer, a Midwestern shopping chain, has started a beta test of a new Android, iPhone/iPad app that will make guys shopping much easier in the future!  Now with Meijer Find It – by Point Inside you can find where most of the items are in the store along with what is on sale and so forth.

Right now it is limited to 5 Meijer stores in the Greater Grand Rapids area and I am lucky enough to live by some of them.   I have started to look at this app on my wife’s android phone but the real winner will be the iPad users with the bigger screens as the screen can be kinda hard to read.  The best part is the ability to see what is on sale in the store you are in and then the app directs you to where the item is.

To get the program just search for Meijer under your normal Marketplace/Store app.

I guess by the time you load the program and get it up and running you could have had gotten your beer and checked out already but what fun is that?