If at first you don’t succeed…throw more resources at it until you do! That seems to be where MS is headed at this point. Forbes notes that since November job postings for the Windows Phone team show them looking for 40 new hires, all in Redmond (Microsoft, they can be outside of Redmond if you just use the cloud). So where are the hires?

  • 21 software engineers, 4 of which are dedicated to Xbox Live. These cover synchronization, social networks, the cloud, maps, commerce, etc.
  • 5 members will be added to the user experience and design features
  • 3 hardware engineers are sought. Even though MS doesn’t manufacture the phones, they need to be liaisons between the software and hardware sides
  • 10 are a mix of managers and PR people

Now I know that adds up to 39 but the Forbes story says 40 even though I used their numbers so I’m sticking with it…maybe the cloud ate the last person but the new hires will help find them. Anyway, if you’re looking for a job, apparently there are openings, And really, this does show that MS is throwing a lot of resources at this so they are taking this seriously, even if a little late.


  1. Thank God for Microsoft and their considerations for their hardware partners. If MS makes (Zune) phones, everybody would be out of a job. If it wasn’t for MS, HTC wouldn’t be where they are right now. Not to mention all the Windows hardware partners, Dell, Acer, Asus,…

  2. @adp: hmm.. that didn’t sound right… what I meant to say was “he’ll get the numbers, so he can still do his job, but as long as he doesn’t report it, they’ll keep him. :)”

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