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Microsoft Continues Onslaught On iPad. This Time Focuses On Slim & Light Advantages

Microsoft has finally kicked their advertising into high gear with effective and focused ads aimed at the big bad iPad on the block. This one follows yesterdays stellar effort where Siri is the breakout star who points out how Windows 8 tablets are better than the iPad. This new ad undercuts Apple right where it hurts, pointing out the slim and light aspects of the device. I will say that this tablet shown is a WinRT that is also made by ASUS as part of their Vivo lineup so the full functionality isn’t really present like yesterday’s Windows 8 tablet has.

With the coming 7”-8” Windows 8 tablets on their way in the fall you can really see how if Microsoft continues to build out functionality in WinRT they can attack both the iPad and iPad Mini in the business world. The WinRT platform that has excellent core apps and seamless Windows 8 cross device capabilities would make the next generation of WinRT tablets formidable (cough Surface Mini cough). I’m sure those in the Apple camp have much to say so take it to the the comments. I’m firmly in the camp of Windows 8/RT.