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NOAA Hi-Def Radar–Touch Input Only!–NOT!


I have been using My Radar on my Windows 8 machines for a couple years. It works, but the resolution is really poor. So when I read about NOAA Hi-Def Radar this morning I got excited and even sent a link to my office machine to reminded me to download it. The Win 8 app costs $1.99, with no trial. But it is a Universal app, so you can also use it on Windows Phone.

After clicking the Buy and Confirm buttons, I was presented with a message stating that, “this app may not work on your computer. Check requirements before downloading”. Puzzled, as I was downloading the app to a new 4th Gen i7 with 8GB or RAM, I backed out out of the purchase screen to investigate. Turns out that the app is listed as Touch Screen Only, with no mouse and keyboard support.


Being daring as I sometimes am, I decided to lay down my $1.99 to find out how true the above statement was. As I suspected, the app works just fine on my office desktop PC, without a touch monitor (although I would love to have one, but not for $599.00). Zoom wheel on the mouse does a wonderful job of zooming in and out. And keyboard entries work as well for saved Locations. Matter of fact, I can’t find anything that doesn’t work with a keyboard and mouse. Just thought you might want to know.


UPDATE: And guess what happened when I tried to give the app a 4 star review and let people know it works fine with keyboard and mouse.


Pulling out my tablet now to install/review. But I think you just lost a couple stars buddy. Really.