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Microsoft Continues to Cater to Devs By Releasing Mango Soon?

phone-updateHow soon?  Try about 4 weeks soon.

Speaking informally at a Windows Phone Mango VIP event in London on Tuesday, Achim Berg, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Phone marketing told WinRumors that the company would release the bits in around four weeks time. Microsoft’s Brandon Watson previously revealed, at MIX 2011, that Microsoft was working to allow developers to use Mango on Windows Phone hardware.

Joe Belfiore confirmed via Twitter that a plan was in place to get the developers access to Mango well ahead of release to the public.

So if you are thinking about being a dev and trying your hand on the platform does this make your decision any easier.  You will need to be a registered developer though.  Personally, it would be more than worth it for me to have Mango as I’m itching to try my hand at app development and Mango looks like the perfect time to get in on the action before the marketplace takes off this Fall.

In any case if the Mango code is complete in a month’s time that has to be a great sign for an early fall release to the public especially considering a recent rumor that OEMs won’t be launching the second wave of Windows Phones at one time but whenever their devices are ready.  This basically means that it won’t be an iPhone launch but more of a traditional roll out of phones over a stretch of time.

In any case, I’m excited and hopefully so are you!

Source: PocketNow