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Microsoft Continues To Screw Up HTML Email In WP7

Raise your hand if you’ve used Windows Mobile and thought that it’s ridiculous that every time you get an html email with embedded images that you need to press somewhere to get the content. And of course if you’re offline that means no soup for you. Well with the mobile world trotting forward and both Apple and Google automatically downloading (and loading) html with embedded images that should guarantee that Windows Phone 7 will automatically load embedded html emails, right? Yeah…fail. Take a look at that images that Herm ( snapped on his dev device. [And by the way clicking the “read about privacy” link gives you “Avoid junk mail by only downloading pictures from senders you trust. This can verify your email to a junk mail sender.”]

Just like Windows Mobile. And if you don’t have the whole email downloaded then you have to download the entire email, then click to download the pictures separately.  They’ve always said that this was a security feature. It’s a nuisance. On your PC you can set contacts as trusted and then it downloads the content automatically. It doesn’t appear to be implemented on WP7 but quite frankly I’m not sure I care. There should be an option to automatically always download this content. On a mobile device it’s really annoying to sit there and wait for the content to download and load and it’s an aesthetics problem as much as anything else. Here’s a device for the mass population but email looks like garbage because of MS’s security fear that’s not realized on mobile device. In short, stop f#cking it up and fix it!