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Microsoft Denies Popular iPhone App Port To WP7 For Content

So not only is the Marketplace getting filled with garbage left and right but it turns out that Microsoft has denied app certification for a port of a popular iPhone entertainment app called Finger Cut. The iPhone version of the app is simple enough – there’s a spinning blade on the screen and tapping the screen kicks off blood with sound effects. Apple notes it contains “Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes” and “Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence”. Here’s a video of it in action if you can stomach cartoon violence:

Man I really thought that guy was going to lose a finger to his iPhone, right?

Anyway, Herm’s Software (which has over 20 Windows Phone apps already) had submitted their take on Finger Cut for Windows Phone 7. You can see a screen shot above. The result? App certification denial for violence:

Yeah so Microsoft encourages devs to write popular iPhone apps for Windows Phone and then when you do it on a clear novelty app they deny app certification. This is happening while the Marketplace is being filled with spam apps left and right.

I know this app isn’t the end all app but it holds a decent spot in the App Store so you’d suspect that it would do fine for Windows Phones as well (yes, as a free app). There’s so much irony here it can’t be lost.

And so we’re all clear, I did reach out to Brandon Watson on behalf of Herm and in over two weeks have not received a response. The hope was to resolve this without using the site to post about their nonsense app certification process, but alas, here we are.