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Microsoft Is A Giant – The Numbers Tell It All

The Official Microsoft Blog put together some sick numbers about the strength of Microsoft that really puts all of the different rivalries and hypes into perspective for what they’re worth. It’s just a page of comparisons so check the original source but here are a few examples.

Number of projected iPad sales in 2010: 7.1m compared to the number of projected netbook sales at 58m

There are 16m subscribers to the largest US daily newspapers; 14m Netflix subscribers and 23m Xbox Live subscribers

Number of Gmail users is 173m; Yahoo Mail is 284m and Windows Live Mail is 360m. Windows Live Messenger also has 299m accounts which is puts it in first compared to other IM services

The net income for Apple in 2009 was $5.7b; Google was $6.5b and Microsoft was $14.5b

Just thinking about that is staggering. Anyone who thinks WP7 is too late should know that there is going to be a large increase in smartphone sales in the next few years and looking at what MS has done so far…well I wouldn’t bet against them.

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