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Microsoft Posts First Time Quarterly Loss? Hold Up!

We have been discussing the Microsoft news that they posted the first time ever quarterly loss of 192 million dollars. They must be doomed right? Windows Phone sucks and no likes Windows 8 RTM! Steve Ballmer sweats a lot too! Well, Ballmer may have a gland problem or maybe it was just really hot on that stage, but Microsoft couldn’t be healthier and when you remove a 2007 purchase of online advertising company aQuantive for 6.2 Billion that they just took a write down on, you would discover that the Redmond giant would have posted a 6 Billion dollar profit had it not been for the write down. With record revenues of 18.6 Billion, I think they can buy Ballmer some Old Spice Deodorant and go back to business as usual.

Thanks David K