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Purity–A Free Highly Addictive Puzzler For Windows Phones

If you haven’t given Purity a try yet, now’s the right time. It’s a tile-base puzzler that’s really addictive. In fact, the first time I tried it I got sucked into playing it until I drained my battery and then I was so tired I didn’t share it with you guys…until now. You need to pass over all of the tiles and certain tiles have special properties (like you need to go over them twice) and there are teleporters and other great nuances that make it a ton of fun. The controls are easy as anything as you can swipe anywhere on the screen to move (swipe fast/far to go a few tiles at once). The level of challenge gets you hooked as you work through the levels. All that, and it’s free.

Here’s their complete description:

At the edge of the universe lies a path…
Purity is a tile-based puzzle game where you must find a path through each level which allows you to absorb all of the energy tiles and reach the exit. Teleports, shields, connectors, and static tiles help you on your journey through 60 challenging levels of increasing difficulty.
Purity features:
+ 60 brain-teasing levels.
+ Sound, music, and vibration effects.
+ Rewind feature: easily rewind your progress if you make a wrong turn.
+ Free play mode: allows you to replay levels unlocked in the game.
+ Cumulative score and best level times are saved.
+ Multiple solutions for many levels – discover more efficient paths to improve your times.

It’s rocking a solid 4 stars and I’m warning you, once you start expect to put some time into this. Here’s the  link to the web marketplace to download it.