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Microsoft Surface Tablet Will Support Xbox 360 Controllers, Halo anyone?

Microsoft Surface Tablet Will Support Xbox 360 Controllers

Here is something we didn’t see coming, although everyone knew Xbox 360 controllers work for PCs, it just falls under the “I never thought of that” category. Redmondpie outlines a conversation had on Riddit about the soon to be released tablet:

A member of the Surface team noted: “We used the 360 USB controllers to play with Surface all the time and they work great. We have not tried Kinect yet.”

This is interesting! “all the time,” does this mean the surface could possibly be the Xbox Mobile we’ve been waiting for? Perhaps. Upon reading the news, I instantly fired up my Windows 8 martketplace to confirm my thoughts. Wow, they’re tons of games currently available for Windows 8 that could possibly use an Xbox controller. With my PS Vita sitting in a corner some where not charged, this tad bit of info could change the game for me! A semi-serious gaming machine with full controller capabilities while away from home? Yes sir!

Could you see the surface as a serious gaming machine?