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Microsoft Will Help Fight Ebola

Microsoft front man Satya Nadella was speaking in San Francisco this morning and commented that Microsoft would help fight Ebola by  providing “cloud-computing and research applications” to medical researchers workers.

"One of the things tomorrow morning we’re going to do is make available Azure computer power to the research community," CEO Satya Nadella said at a presentation in San Francisco.

"In addition we have some tools that Microsoft researchers built to be able to do vaccine discovery, so we want to take all of that and make it available for the research community," said Nadella.

Nothing more was mentioned about how Microsoft will help fight the epidemic that is making national news here as well as causing massive amounts of fear. Already the federal government has released new rules for care givers to be better protected with protective clothing requirements for all skin to be covered as well as supervisors making sure a very structured process for removal is followed so now contact is made with their skin as was the case with a nurse recently.

Good stuff Redmond, keep it coming.