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Miniot iPhone 5 wood case

Feeling like you’re iPhone 5 is a bit too fragile? How about a case, but not any old case, something of the wood persuasion with a ton of tastefulness! The folks at Miniot just might have the answer for what you’ve been needing in your iLife, it also comes in 7 different wood trims!

The iWood 5 turns your iPhone 5 into wood!
A feast for the eyes and a pleasure to hold.
Closely matching the design of the iPhone,
it’s thin yet sturdy, and the facetted curves
give a solid grip to your iPhone.
Wood is transparent to all iPhone 5 sensors,
so optimal performance is guaranteed.
The fit is perfect. All buttons are recreated
in wood and all ports easily accessible.

Head over to Miniot online store to place your order.