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Mississippi House Rejects Texting While Driving Bans

Well Mississippi drivers can go back to texting away while driving says the State House of Representatives. In a Bill that was heavily compromised on where fines would be kept low and and only be a civil offense, the Bill was killed in the closing minutes of the 2014 session. I’m pretty conservative in many of my view points but I strongly disagree with this one. Opponents say that texting isn’t any more distracting than any other form of distracted driving but texting is a lot more main stream and common. Eating Taco Bell, which I swear tastes better while driving (probably because you cannot focus on what the meat looks like) is just as distracting but how often do you eat while driving compared to what you would be texting? This seems like a no brainer to me but what do I know. Apparently 6 other states are smarter than me too and also allow texting while driving.


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