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MMO WP7 Game ‘WordMix LIVE!’ Begins It’s Beta Tour

Take a top rated game and add MMO to really kick it up a notch and BAM you get WordMix LIVE!  The original WordMix is a highly rated (free) game where you get 6 letters and try to make as many words as possible. Yeah it has online leaderboards and plenty of bells and whistles to go along with it. But let’s turn it up a notch and bring on MMO. WordMix is back! And this time we’ve kicked it up a notch! With this latest release, you can now play head-to-head in realtime against our entire community of word-forming-word-lovers. Choose the type of round you would like to play, from 1 to 4 minute rounds, choose your language, and then join the action. Just like our current version of WordMix, WordMix LIVE! supports German, French, Spanish and two forms of English.

The more, the merrier! Right from our main menu, you can see how many players are online and available to challenge. The more players participate, the more opportunity you have to earn big points and add to your career XP. When you solve a word before everyone else, you receive a big bonus! Just be sure to qualify for the next round or you can lose the points you’ve earned. But, not to worry, you can always join the next round and try again!

WordMix is a simple-to-learn word game. Using the supplied 6 letters, create as many words as you can in the time provided from short 3-letter words to the more challenging 6-letter words. This is an excellent vocabulary building game for people of all ages.

At the end of each round, be sure to select a word to see its definition and expand your vocabulary! Hints, Skips, and Shuffles are available to assist beginning players.

To qualify for the next round you must meet at least one of the following challenges:

  1. Complete 75% of the board
  2. Complete a six letter word
  3. Receive the highest bonus score for that round

WordMix LIVE! (V.1.0) is compatible on all Mango (WP7.5) devices.

Online leaderboard provided by Scoreloop. Share your Scoreloop community reputation with Pirates Assault, Frenzic, 1 to 50 and other great Windows Phone games.

Just check out the screenshots:

They want to make sure that their servers can handle the loads before the make it generally available but it is in Marketplace now (just hidden) so you can test it out on a beta basis: