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Mobility Digest Breaking News Feature

Certain special events only come once a year (or even less) such as the Olympics, LeapYear, January 1st, taxes, and Christmas. Today’s writings will be focusing on something a little different, but equally exciting and definitely of great interest to the entire mobile community.

Doug2012This is just a global bulletin announcement to make sure that you all remember to wish DOUG a Happy Birthday! Many years ago on August 1st, DOUG was born. This proves that Windows Messenger/Hotmail are good for something, because I might’ve forgot about his birthday if it hadn’t been for that. Be sure to stop in on the StaffNotify email list (or contact Doug if you’re interested in signing up) and leave an “hb” in there as well as the comments section and any of those annoying social network sites you may frequent. Be sure to stay tuned as well for an interview with Doug that we’ll hopefully be able to do over Windows Messenger, and leave any suggestions for good interview questions in the StaffNotify email threads.


DOUG Digest

If you’re looking for gift ideas, I recently did a “5 Minute Post About Something Cool” on a soon to be banned Mobility product, so be sure to remember him in your August birthday gift shopping and make this birthday his best yet.

Here’s to another great year of Mobility Digest with DOUG.


.:Albert Bunn