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Skype for Windows Phone 7 is coming soon: Microsoft

The Skype App for Windows Phone 7 is coming soon as per Rick Osterloh, Skype’s VP of Products. During an interview at CES 2012, he said Microsoft is “working on a Windows Phone product that  will be coming soon.” Until now Microsoft hasn’t released any kind of news or details on voice and video calling services through this App. Skyped Focus SMicrosoft acquired Skype in October 2011.

Joe Belfiore, Director Windows Phone Program at Microsoft, promised that Skype would be coming to Windows Phone in late 2011, but until now there is no word from any Microsoft official regarding this even though late 2011 is already “late”. We have to see whether Skype will be installed just as an App or will be integrated into the Core Services of Operating System. If the later part is true, Skype will be installed as an update to the Mango system. But I am definitely seeing Skype as integral part of Windows Phone “Apollo” and beyond.

Anyway since Mobile World Congress 2012 is nearing, I am hoping we will know more about Windows Phone 7 roadmap and at least a demo of Skype within Windows Phone 7, or Microsoft just announce the launch of Skype for Windows Phone 7 then itself. There is nothing wrong in wishing. Open-mouthed smile

Source: The Verge