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Mobility Digest Review: 360 Degree Holder & Stand for iPad 2

IMG_1310Mobile devices continue to creep into our daily lives but there is another place that they are becoming more popular and that is with small business. Generally, inventory control, purchasing, and shipping and receiving enterprise handheld devices are very expensive and not in the budget of most small businesses. In todays world, where apps are readily available and developers are hungry, there are a lot of possible solutions to manage your business from consumer based mobile products. Take Apple’s iPad 2. Incredibly popular in the consumer market and yet powerful enough to aid small business in becoming more efficient. Don’t believe me? I can give you an example of how I use my iPad 2 and the HANDSTAND 360 Degree Rotating Holder and Stand for the iPad 2.

I am in the High Performance Automotive Industry and manage several Australian Companies efforts here in the United States. One of my responsibilities is technical support. I am constantly trying to communicate product issues with the engineers in Australia and have found that the iPad 2 really makes thing easy. First, Skype is an absolute pleasure. I use the front facing camera and can conference us together quickly and easily. I have found that during these conferences, I was having to get up from my office and go to the warehouse to get images of products that were to be discussed. With the iPad 2 I can simply pick up and go and take the conference with me. Also, I found that during my examination of products, bringing my iPad 2 to the returns area was incredibly helpful because I could pull images from our electronic catalog and identify parts. The problem was I had trouble holding my device in one hand and using the other to grab the part in question. I needed a case that would allow me secure one handed operation of my iPad 2 while the other hand held products. I didn’t know it, but all I really needed was the HANDSTAND 360 Degree Rotating Holder and Stand for the iPad 2. so I have been using the HANDSTAND this week in a variety of ways around my business and house and wanted to share with you my thoughts on this case. So welcome to another edition of Mobility Digest Reviews!

What’s in the box

Inside one nicely clamshell packaged  wrapper is the one and only HANDSTAND 360 Degree Rotating Holder and Stand for the iPad 2. Comes with instructions and and a brief overview of how to use the HANDSTAND.









Next, let’s jump into some video goodness by the folks at HANDSTAND that illustrate already what I am about to put into print. Check it out:

es on to mold a Design

The HANSTAND is a clever way to optimize your iPad 2 for business or for personal use where you want the freedom to be able to move about with your device in one hand and yet have the peace of mind that it is secure and protected in a great case. The shell of the HANDSTAND is made from polyurethane rubber that is very thick, yet bendable to make installing the iPad 2 into the case quick and easy. The HANDSTAND fit perfectly around the iPad 2 and had a very snug fit. Not only did the rubber encase the device but also lipped over the iPad 2 so that the screen would never touch a surface that you were going to lay the iPad 2 down on which would cause scratches or other more severe damage. The one thing that is missing from the HANDSTAND and really my only complaint is the lack of protection provided to the screen. Like the OtterBox Defender for the iPad 2, a screen protector would have been a great value added item to this case.

The sides of the case had openings cut out perfectly to allow sound from the speaker, the camera, and button operation to happen uninhibited and without restriction. I would have liked to have seen a the speaker guard solid and cup the speaker to enhance the sound and make it louder and directed back to the listener.

The backside of the HANDSTAND in the center is where you will notice what makes this case stand out and be noticed. There is a large round handgrip that is made from tough Thermoplastic ABS. HANDSTAND then goes on to add a Safety Grip HandPad that gives the user something substantive to hold on to. For added safety there is an elastic band that goes around the HandPad to ensure your device does not slip and fall to the ground.

The HANDSTAND comes in three colors, Black, White, and Pink. Designed and manufactured right here in the United States, the HANDSTAND is made from recycled resin and is 100% Recyclable. 











So say you have toted your iPad 2 to your destination and the device is still the way you bought it, 100% secure, but now you need to use it to communicate with colleagues or friends. Typing is quick and easy as you see below because the HandPad also acts as a stand putting your device at an optimum angle to type out and email or text your wife you are going to be late for soccer practice.

Another feature of the HandPad is the ability to rotate it 360 degrees so that you can quickly change the orientation from portrait to landscape in the blink of an eye and without have to change your grip. Simply turn the device to the desired location.









The HANDSTAND 360 Degree Rotating Holder and Stand is a device that definitely can help small business’s who are looking for ways to become more efficient but not at the expense of enterprise level devices when they cannot afford. So let development happen with apps to help Small Business.

The HANDSTAND is priced at $49.99 and a $10.00 shipping fee added if you live here in the United States. Which makes the HANDSTAND pricey at $60 bucks. However, for the buyers who know how o find a better deal (cough) Amazon has them for $36.99 plus shipping. You save a little more than $13 dollars.

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