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Mobility Digest Review: Arm Bands for Any Phone from

Many of you might not know this but I really love working out. I love running, cycling and lifting weights but lately I have been focusing on my run because I feel like that is where I am the weakest. I wanted a way to keep track of my runs and listen to music at the same time but I did not want to hold my phone in my hand while I ran. So, I thought an arm band would be my best option.

So, I went to the mall to look for an arm band and never really saw anything that really worked for my phone or that I liked because they did not fit my phone properly or they just seemed really cheap quality. I did some google searching and came across and they had arm bands specifically for my phone (and every other smart-phone out there), I went ahead and order one and it was the same price as what they had at the mall kiosks $15.

I have really put this armband through several workouts(20miles of running and 3 hours of weight workouts) and It has worked really great I have no major complaints about it and would recommend it to anyone that works out a lot and is looking for a good arm band. However, let me break down the pros and cons of the arm band.


The phone is really secure in the arm band there is no way for the phone to fall out even if you do summersaults or gymnastics. Some armbands that I have seen usually have an open top or then just have like one small strap to secure the phone. This armband is different as you can see in the photos. Also the openings on the arm band are pretty well placed I can connect my charger and my  headphones at the same time if I want to and this helps when I am going to a workout and I am charging my phone in the car as I drive to the workout.

The phone can be used while it is in the arm band. Yes, there are some issues with the screen responsiveness because of the plastic but this does not mean the phone can not be used if the need arises. I have sent several text messages and used several apps while the phone was in the armband and did not notice any major issues other then when I was pattern unlocking my HD2 which needs a constant contact with the phone screen. However, one or two tries and it works so it is not a big issue.

Also this case has a small flap for extra headphone wire or to keep the headphone wire out of the way. I usually wear the armband on my right hand and I noticed that if I don’t route the headphone wire through the flap then it keeps coming in the way and keeps coming under my arm.

The arm band is really comfortable yet it has snug fit and there are no worries about it falling off of my arm. The first time I put the arm band on I had to slip it on instead of tieing it around my arm but this is a good thing because I have the entire band for tightening should the strap start to stretch a little. Also when I first put the arm band on I thought it would slip off but when I tested it on a run it worked
perfectly and did not slip I even flayed my arms to try and make it fall of but it did not. I even tried the arm band while doing bicep curls and tricep dips and it worked perfectly trough those.


There not really and major issues with the case and some of the issues that I did see with the case I already kind of talked about in the pros section but I will highlight them again here.

First issue I noticed when I put the arm band on was that the rough part of the velcro strap might rub against the arm if it is not placed exactly on the soft part. However, when I was running I did not notice the rough part scratching my arm even when it was not placed correctly. I would have liked for the soft portion of the Velcro to be slightly larger than the rough part this would have helped eliminate the issue if someone has sensitive skin.

If you want to order an arm band then head over to iarmbands. com and check out all the different kinds of arm bands. They have an arm band for every phone that is out there for just $15.