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Mobility Digest Review: Dot Gloves for Capacitive Touch Screens

Winter is cold, and that means gloves. Most of the time we’ve got a choice to make, either gloves or our devices as you can’t operate a capacitive touchscreen with gloves on. Today for review I’ve got a review for you that I was supposed to post the other day actually, but life interferes as I’m sure you know. Anyway, the review is a product from our friends at Mobile Fun and it’s a pair of capacitive gloves called Dot Touch. These gloves allow you to keep your fingers warm but still operate any devices with a capacitive touch screen and surprisingly they work perfectly.

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: MobileFun

Price: £17.95 / $28.95

Overall Rating: 4/5

Dot Gloves for Capacitive Touch Screens – Black

Product Reference: 27212

Use your touch screen phone whilst keeping your hands warm with these dot gloves.

Use your phone’s screen whilst wearing gloves
The biggest problem with today’s touch screen phones which use capacitive screens are that you can’t use them whilst using traditional gloves. With these gloves, you will be able to! Keep your hands warm and use your phone just as you would with no gloves on.

Keep your hands warm in the cold weather
These gloves are made from wind resistant fleece keeping your hands warm and comfortable in this cold weather. The gloves are easy to wear too as they fit perfectly around your hands.

Silicone texture for enhanced grip and control
The way these gloves work is with a thin silicone texture applied on the fingertips. This makes a recognized contact with the screen and allows you to use your screen. They will also provide you with more grip and therefore make your phone less likely to fall from your grip when in use.

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What’s in the Box?

There is no box, they just come in a plastic bag.

The gloves are black in color with gray tips on three fingers, this is the capacitive part.

Impressions / Review:

To test the gloves I put them on and they fit my hands very well, nice and tight.

The gloves though aren’t exactly thick as you can see in the picture below where you can see my hands through the gloves.


I also noticed that the gloves aren’t exactly high quality. There’s many spots where threads are sticking out, and it seems holes where sewn together with the gray thread.


Despite the fact that the quality isn’t exactly great but they do work well. I tested them with my Zune HD, Samsung Captivate and the Motorola Xoom, and I was totally surprised as it was like just using my fingers. The gloves work perfectly with touch screens.


So are these glove worth it? That depends on just how much you can’t live without your devices. the price for a pair is almost $30 and I think that’s a bit high honestly considering the quality of them is lacking a bit.

They do work though, and they work perfectly well, it’s just like using your fingers, no delay, no lag, they’re perfect for the job.

They aren’t exactly warm in the bitter cold, but above freezing they’ll keep your hands warm enough.


+Fit well
+Work great with phones and other capacitive devices
+Long so they go over wrist

-Not exactly high quality
-Thin and not what I would call warm