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Mobility Digest Review: GTMax Black Rubberized Hard Cover Case for AT&T HTC Surround T8788

There’s no shortage of inexpensive accessories out there, and one great source for them is Amazon. You can get cases and accessories for your phone for a one dollar or even one penny, but at even that low price are they even worth it? I recently got the HTC Surround WP7 phone and I needed a case quickly and cheaply so I headed over to Amazon and found two, one of which I have for review today. It’s the GTMax brand, one that I never heard of, but I needed a case and $2 was an attractive price for it. I could have gotten a more expensive case yes, but I wanted to see if being cheap or frugal was worth it. So you could call this sort of an experiment as it were.

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Amazon

Price: $1.99

Overall Rating: 4/5


Product Description:
-Durable hard rubberized material.
-Custom made to fit your phone perfectly.
-Easy access to all buttons and features.
-Easy installation, just snap on your phone without any tools.
-Plug your charger, cable or headset without removing the case.
-Prevents damage to your phone from objects in your pockets or purse.

What’s in the Box?

The title of this section is what’s in the box? There is no box, it comes in a plastic bag.

Inside the bag you’ll find two parts, the top and the bottom. They’re hard plastic but they are slightly flexible. There is a coating on them, I’m not sure you’d call it rubberized, but it’s non-slip. The material seems as though it will protect your phone, you will need to get a screen protector of course for full protection.

Impressions / Review:

The next step is to put it on my phone. There are small clips on the inside edge of the top and bottom that hold the case in place. It does fit snugly on the phone and seems to stay in place very well.

The case is two pieces so it allows the phone to slide allowing access to the speakers.

The case does allow access to all of the ports and buttons, which is of course something you want in a case.

It doesn’t interfere with the camera either so you can still take beautiful pictures.


So what do you get for $2? Well you get a half-way decent case, honestly I wasn’t expecting much for such a low price so I was pleasantly surprised. You can get away with being frugal sometimes it seems.

One of the problems with this case though is that the clips are rather thin and fragile, I don’t see them lasting long. It could last a while if you don’t take it off and on too often. I don’t think many people will be taking the case off often, so it should be ok.


+Access to all ports and buttons

+Seems sturdy

-Thin plastic clips hold case on phone