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Mobility Digest Review: Victorian Filigree Swirl iPhone 4 Case

I have seen a lot of iPhone cases but I have never seen a case that caught my attention like the iPhone 4 Victorian Filigree Swirl Case by C Westbrook Designs. The aesthetics and design of this case are really cool and eye catching. Everyone I have shown the phone to says “wow that is really cool looking”. If you are looking for a case to protect your phone and still have some individuality, differentiation and cool factor (most important of them all)  then the iPhone 4 Victorian Filigree Swirl Case is the answer!!

The material that the case is made from is nylon, which is very lightweight, but at the same time very durable and somewhat flexible and also happens to be heat resistant (I hope no one is putting their iPhone on the BBQ grill) . The material originally feels like it is flimsy or might break into pieces but once you play with the case over time you will notice that is is actually a very flexible and durable case and it will not break as easily as you first thought. The case also has a clear varnish on it to make prevent and discoloration from direct sunlight exposure.

Now moving on to the design on of the case. As you can see the case has a really nice and detailed swirl and flowery looking pattern to it. This case might be considered more a “girly” design case but you can also submit any design that you like and have a custom case made exactly how you want it. The case actually fits the phone really well and all the buttons and charging ports are easily accessible with out any issues (Verizon version of the case is also available). Also as you can see there is a small swirl design on the front of the case but this does not effect the screen real estate at all and actually helps in keep the screen off of a surface when the phone is place face down. The case also adds extra grip to the phone because the outside of the case is not smooth but it feels really nice and comfortable to hold. Also this is probably one of the lightest cases ever.

Now on to some of the issues with the case. One major issue that I saw right away was that it is very easy for any small items like paper clips (who has paper clips in their pocket?) in your pocket to get stuck in the open spaces or to scratch the phone. Also keys might be able to get in the openings if they go in at the right angle but I never had and issues during my testing and use phase. This was the only semi-issue that I had with the case. Other than this issue everything else was perfect with the case.


Overall, this is a really good case. Anyone looking for that “WOW factor” or looking to have one of the most unique or personalized cases for their iPhone should definitely get this case or get a custom made case at Etsy by CWestbrook. The price is a little high for a case at $59.99 but it is a very unique case and you pay for the “wow” factor.

Model:Victorian Filigree Swirl iPhone 4 Case (3G and 3GS model available too)


Price: $59.99