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MobilityLeaks: App or OS?

Today we bring you the Great Debate: If something doesn’t work, is it the app or the OS that is the problem?

Murani: I installed this app to track my wife’s flight. Obviously the data was working fine. Went to the store and tried to post to Facebook. No go. Tried IE, again no go. Texted my wife and got a reply so texts and phone calls are working.
Hit the highway and couldn’t access driving directions. After toggling Airplane mode on and off and restarting the phone a few times I was pretty sure the flightaware app was the culprit. Sure enough I uninstalled the app and immediately the data started working.

Patrick: Odd, I’ve had/used that app for over a year without issues

Murani: I’ve used it before and didn’t have this issue. Then again I didn’t gave all the notifications and alarms set like I did today.

Jim S: Wow. Well that sucks. So much for apps not making affecting the OS. I bet apps are responsible for more than 50% of user issues. And near impossible to troubleshoot when you have 50-10 apps, AND ARE CONVINCED IT’S THE OEMs OR MICROSOFT’s FAULT BEFORE THEY START.
Sounds like a post to me.

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