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MobilityLeaks: iPhone glass

Today in MobilityLeaks: iPhone and spider webs!

DougSm: I hate this damn phone. It’s a loaner from best buy while replacement iphones are on back order.
Sent from my MOTOROLA ATRIX™ HD on AT&T

Ram: Motorola Atrix line sucks in the voice quality department. While I used Motorola Atrix, no one was able to hear me all along. I changed to HTC Titan (Original), while the voice quality there also sucks, at least people could hear in a very low voice, which forced me to upgrade to Titan II. Down with Atrix. I know eventually Google will kill Motorola and Atrix line definitely, because Google now takes over other big companies like Microsoft and Apple that kill the products after playing with it for a while.

MartiM: I had a young lady in front of me on the Uni shuttle this morning who was using an iPhone with a humongous spiderweb crack on it. Ahh, student budgets…

Jim: I bet half my nephews friends have iPhones (about 75% have iPhones) with cracked screens. I’m working on them. May get a few converts with WP8. They are starting to notice the commercials and asking questions. Its a marathon.

DougSm: here is my broken down little fruity phone….





Aaron: I see this 20 times a day. Welcome to my world.

James: Doug you can’t use the iPhone as a scale.

Murani: If I hadn’t known better I’d think this was my wife’s iPhone.

Jim: Ouch. Some of theirs are almost as hard to see, but no missing pieces. Actually I am amazed they work at all.

Aaron: I see people everyday day using that phone. When I tell.them we can get them a new one all I ever get is no thanks I’m waiting for the iPhone 5G.

2 Bunny: For real, the "student budget" thing is no joke – I’m still using my *slightly* cracked Epic and plan on doing so for the time being unless I can get it fixed very cost effectively. It doesn’t interfere with normal use for the most part.

Jim: No, he probably tried to use it as a hammer. Don’t you know you need a Lumia 900 for that. Don’t bring a toy to a construction site.
Oh, and **** Apple.

Ram: Lol. You made my day