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Mom’s 70th, Getting Her a Chromebook

Picking up a Chromebook for my mom’s birthday now. Her laptop is on its last legs, and even on its best days it’s a maze of confusion for her. She’s the ideal candidate for a Chromebook if there ever were one.

I ran it by my brother, suggesting he help pick up the tab so that he isn’t empty handed gift-wise tonight. He replied, “Done, as long as you really think it’s a good idea for a 70 year old woman to be taught how to use something that is totally new to her. I’m not saying it’s not (you’re the expert obviously), but that did cross my mind.”

I responded that I did indeed think that  and with confidence, adding that were a Macbook the same price Mom would still be a Chromebook gal, no question. I can sense your effervescent interest already and will keep you updated on how this plays out.