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Of Course 1080p Screens Are Coming To Windows Phone

Of course Windows Phone will support 1080p screens later this year. I don’t understand how this is so soothing to so many people. Microsoft likes to set a base standard for their devices and make sure their mobile OS runs smoothly on different hardware. We all know the OEMs don’t take hits when things go wrong, Microsoft does. That being said there was no immediate need to rush a new device to market featuring a 1080p screen when devices featuring 720p screens were released just 6 months ago. Android is a different beast because OEMs can do whatever they want when it comes to hardware. That hasn’t stopped iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III from selling very well even today. In fact older phones continue to lead the best sellers charts.

It says a lot about HTC that they cancelled the rumor Zenith Windows Phone because they knew it would pale in comparison to the Droid DNA and HTC One. That means we should be excited about HTC’s next round of releases for the Windows Phone platform.

Also of note is that quad-core support should be coming in the next general update scheduled for later this year. Personally I’ve always thought 5inch screens were too big but the Droid DNA has proven me wrong. I want one reskinned as a Windows Phone.

Source: The Verge