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mophie Announces Powerstation Duo and Mini to Keep Your Devices Powered

Looking for more power on the go? mophie has just announced two new additions to their Juice Pack line of products called the Powerstation Duo and Mini that can charge most any USB devices you have. Prices are $99.95 for the duo and $59.95 for the mini. The mini has a 2500mah battery and the duo has a 6000mah battery in it.


– mophie™ today announces two new additions to its juice pack universal line, the powerstation duo and powerstation mini. The external portable batteries are designed to handle the charging needs of any USB-enabled device, as well as iDevices, including the iPad, all in a compact and low-profile design, fit for those on-the-go.

The first generation of the powerstation duo and powerstation mini offers consumers efficient and convenient recharging solutions, particularly for those consumers with multiple types of portable devices. The largest of the two, the powerstation duo, boasts a 6000mAh capacity battery, and features dual USB outputs, allowing for simultaneous charging of two devices. The powerstation mini packs a 2500mAh battery, providing more than 150 percent extra battery life, and features a special 1.0 amp high-output battery for ultra-fast charging.

“Our original powerstation has been incredibly successful due to its ability to charge virtually any portable device with a USB output, and we’ve been working aggressively to offer a wider range of solutions for those carrying USB-enabled devices,” said Ross Howe, vice president of marketing at mophie. “The duo and mini deliver a huge amount of power and round out our juice pack universal line of external portable power solutions to keep consumers charged up when they need it most.”

Each of the new juice pack universal chargers feature a black soft-touch exterior finish with stainless steel outer band, integrated LED charge status indicators, and improved conversion efficiency for maximum power transfer from battery to device.

Additional features and benefits of the powerstation duo and powerstation mini include:

  • powerstation duo
  • Retails for $99.95
  • 6000mAh capacity battery
  • Capable of switching between 500mAh, 1A and 2.1A charge
  • Dual USB outputs allows for simultaneous charging of a tablet and mobile device
  • powerstation mini
  • Retails for $59.95
  • 2500mAh capacity battery
  • Special 1.0 amp high-output battery allows for ultra-fast charging
  • Slim profile

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