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More New News on The Touch Pro 2

There’s a few more details coming out on this. The TF3D tabs will be able to be reorganized and turned on and off. There’s also a mute button on the back of the phone (and it has a light around it telling you that speakerphone is on). The keyboard has an offset to it – look at your desktop keyboard and you’ll notice that it’s not a straight line from top to bottom but rather a jagged line and that will come to the Touch Pro 2. Also, on each contact you will have a tab to see the emails, texts and calls you have had with them. The programs list was modified so it is on continuous scrolling list instead of the grid we’re used to on Windows. And TF3D has functionality in landscape. The home screen just re-orients itself and the Programs list adds an extra column and I presume this is carried over to all tabs.

Ok, enough writing, let’s see this guy in action from someone who seems to be touching it for the first time as well thanks to Engadget.

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