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Motorola ATRIX 4G extended TV teaser!

I love marketing and watching good commercials. Motorola for the most part does a pretty good job, today we have a new commercial from them featuring the AT&T ATRIX 4G. Trying to get past airport security again, the airline traveler has put his ATRIX 4G on the scanning belt (not in a bin either) and sends it through. What airport security sees is not the ATRIX 4G, but something totally different, a Laptop. Implying the power of the ATRIX 4G is that of a laptop is pretty clever but I am getting a little tired of the whole airport thing. I would love to see the XOOM and the ATRIX 4G somehow wrapped up in a similar commercial like the one we just saw yesterday.

Did anyone get the ATRIX 4G? Drop a comment and let us know if you have been able to put it down yet!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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