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MS announces Windows Phone 8 dev tools are coming later this summer

Nothing too shocking here but great to read it anyway. I do like the new Windows logo they’re using in the image:

Developer tools for the new Windows Phone 8 are coming later this summer and will include a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows Phone 8 and new Visual Studio 11-based development tools.

In addition, game developers will profit from supports from popular gaming middleware

New features for the developer tools include:

  • Native code support: Windows Phone 8 has full C and C++ support, making it easier to write apps for multiple platforms more quickly. It also means Windows Phone 8 supports popular gaming middleware such as Havok Vision Engine, Autodesk Scaleform, Audiokinetic Wwise, and Firelight FMOD, as well as native DirectX-based game development.
  • In-app payments: In Windows Phone 8 we make it possible for app makers to sell virtual and digital goods within their apps.
  • Integrated Internet calling: In Windows Phone 8, developers can create VoIP apps that plug into our existing calling feature so Internet calls can be answered like traditional phone calls, using the same calling interface.
  • Multitasking enhancements. Windows Phone 8 now allows location-based apps like exercise trackers or navigation aids to run in the background, so they keep working even when you’re doing other things on your phone.
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