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Koush Turns Down Sony Over Geohot

If you’re reading our site you probably have heard of Koushik Dutta for his Windows Mobile APIs or his Android exploits. Well Sony reached out to him in connection with a software engineer job at Sony and he informed them that he couldn’t work for Sony because of the legal actions they’ve brought against George Hotz (geohot) who figured out a PS3 key that permits for homebrew. Here’s the email exchange:


Koush is responsible for a ton of what we commonly call hacking but I don’t want to portray what he does as illegal. He’s a hugely knowledgeable coder and tinkerer that has made all of our devices better to use and he’s an asset that I bet a lot of companies would love to have. Well, at least Sony was interested and now thanks to their own actions that’s off the table. Maybe MS’s approach of inviting the Chevron team to work with them proves to be the way to get the real passionate software devs out there.

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